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Ocean-bred and NYC-based fashion and lifestyle blog.

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Wedding Wednesday: Picking Bridesmaid Dresses

Tiffany Geiger

Picking bridesmaid dresses was one of the harder parts for me while wedding planning. I wanted something that didn't scream bridesmaid dress, I didn't want them all to match but I wanted them to coordinate, I wanted that beach vibe and I wanted my girls to feel just as beautiful as I did on wedding day. That is how I ended up with Show Me Your Mumu dresses.


From left to right by dress name: Jenn in show me the ring crisp | Kendall in dusty blush | Caitlin in wedding cake chiffon | Ava in show me the ring crisp | Princess Ariel skirt in show me the ring crisp with the Skipper top | Amanda in wedding cake chiffon 


Photography: Finding Light Photography

Before deciding on Show Me Your Mumu, I considered picking out 6 different random maxi dresses for my girls and as much as I LOVE that look (check out my photographer's wedding that I'm absolutely obsessed with), it got too hard too fast and I was finding myself getting overwhelmed quickly. 

Show Me your Mumu makes bridesmaid dresses so easy and allowed for me to do different dresses for everyone in the same/coordinating colors. They offer like 10 dresses per color which was so great because no one had to wear the same dress but they could wear the same color. They also are reasonably priced, I didn't want my girls shelling out $$ for a dress I picked out for them and they may/may not wear again. They were the perfect solution for my day and are so easy to dress up or down based on your wedding vibe. I asked my girls to dress them down with sandals (the ceremony & reception were on the beach after all) and they fit the vibe of my day perfectly.

When ordering for my girls, I suggested they all order from Nordstrom because the Show Me Your Mumu return policy isn't great - 14 days and you have to pay return shipping. So if you go Show Me Your Mumu route, I definitely recommend doing the same! Also, their dresses sell out quickly so decide fast and encourage your girls to order ASAP! The last thing you want is to decide on dresses and then half your girls get them and the other half not be able to. Ok I think those are all my tips for bridesmaid dress shopping.. 

What are you looking for in your bridesmaid dresses? Where have you looked? 


By dress name: Jenn in show me the ring crisp | Kendall in dusty blush | Caitlin in wedding cake chiffon | Ava in show me the ring crisp | Princess Ariel skirt in show me the ring crisp with the Skipper top | Amanda in wedding cake chiffon

Wedding Wednesday: Finding THE dress

Tiffany Geiger


TOP: Needle & Thread | SKIRT: Needle & Thread | SHOES: Elina Linardaki

It feels like so long ago that I looked at wedding dresses! It was such a fun day. Cory's mom and my mom came up to NYC to look with my sister and I. The day started with brunch at one of my favorite places, Nomo Soho then off to our appointment at Lovely Bride! I should start by telling you I'd already ordered a dress online that I was IN LOVE with but felt like since it was the first dress I tried on I should do my due diligence. So to Lovely Bride we went! 


Photography: Finding Light Photography (dressing room pics by my sister)

No one prepares you for a dress appointment but in an hour you usually can try on about 5 dresses so be selective! You can always make a second appointment if needed. I tried on so many different ones and the girl who helped me was incredible! But only try on what you want to try on. Don't let your mom/sister/aunt/whoever pressure you into what they want to see on you. Start with what you want and go from there. We had discussed some ground rules at brunch regarding my appointment and I'd suggest doing the same. The rules were - I picked the dresses, I got first opinion then they could share their's. 

Lovely Bride was such an incredible experience and they had such a wide range of dresses to choose from. And by the end of the appointment I knew the dress I'd ordered online was the one! 



TOP: Needle & Thread | SKIRT: Needle & Thread | SHOES: Elina Linardaki

Ah! I'm so obsessed with my dress, it was so fun to wear and the perfect spinning dress! I got so many compliments on what a unique dress it was too :)