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5 tips to wake up earlier

Tiffany Geiger

Monday is for green juice. After a tequila-powered weekend celebrating Cinco de Mayo, I'm starting this Monday morning with a green juice. With Summer around the corner and the sun coming up earlier, I decided it was time for me to get up earlier too. I've been busy at work recently (I'm in advertising working on White Castle and Mercedes-Benz by day) so my hours have been pretty inconsistent recently which means my after-work to-do list was never getting done. So I've made the shift to a morning to-do list and am loving the earlier start to my day and the feeling of getting so many things done by 10AM.

With Spring temperatures finally here, I'm living in this black vest and a light sweater. It's all about layers when it's 50 in the morning and 70 in the afternoon. 

With Spring temperatures finally here, I'm living in this black vest and a light sweater. It's all about layers when it's 50 in the morning and 70 in the afternoon. 


tip #1 - go to bed earlier.

I know I need 8 hours of sleep and am a form of a zombie without it. So figure out what time you want to get up in the morning (I get up at 6AM) and subtract the number of hours you need from that to determine your bed time. I get up at 6AM and need 8 hours of sleep so I get in bed at 10PM. I do scroll a last minute instagram (and am working on this ) before bed but I'm in bed and transitioning to sleep. Going to bed earlier, sets me up for success to get up earlier without hitting snooze 5 times. 


tip #2 - reward yourself in the morning

Give yourself something to look forward to get out of bed. I've grown to enjoy the gym, so I'm getting up in the morning to get my workout in, clean the apartment some from the night before, and run a few errands on my way to work. Though, I now appreciate the feeling of accomplishment getting through those things gives me in the morning it's not always enough (especially at the beginning) to get yourself out of bed. So I drink my favorite smoothie or juice in the morning after my work out as I move through the rest of my list or get dressed. It's become something I look forward to. I also watch Bravo on the treadmill in the morning so the TV time while I run is something else I enjoy. And I definitely wouldn't be watching TV in the morning before work otherwise.

tip #3 - routine.

Create a morning routine. If your alarm goes off and you know exactly what you have to do in what order, it's more likely you'll get up on time and even start to look forward to it. My morning routine is so key for me. Mine: wake up, to the gym, make my acai or peanut butter smoothie, pick up the apartment, knock out some work emails, shower, get dressed, run a few errands then to work! Create a routine that works for you so you don't waste time figuring it out in the morning. 


tip #4 - put your phone away.

I didn't realize until recently how much time I waste on my phone, scrolling endlessly through Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc. I've recently become more conscious of this and am keeping my scrolling to a minimum (set times of day actually as that works best for me to help limit myself) and have noticed I have so much time back! Especially in the morning and before bed. I've cut myself off from a morning before-getting-out-of-bed scroll and limited by bedtime scroll to 5 minutes and 1 platform of choice. You guys, it makes such a difference! Social media scrolling can become a time suck so quickly so schedule it when you have time for it instead of inadvertently wasting 30 minutes in bed in the morning checking your feed. 

tip #5 - no snoozing. 

I know this sounds unreasonable and it's hard to resist but just don't snooze your alarm. don't do it. that 10 minute snooze isn't actually restful anyway. When your alarm goes off, get up and get the day started! You'll be so glad you did and after a week or so of your new routine you'll be used to it and it won't even be a challenge anymore. 

This is what I've found works for me recently. Would love to hear how you get yourself motivated and out of bed in the morning in the comments below!