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Ocean-bred and NYC-based fashion and lifestyle blog.

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dreams over fears

Tiffany Geiger

Sometimes I get really excited to share photos with you guys and this is definitely one of those sets! Sometimes I'm really feeling shooting and other times I'm not. Well I was really feeling it for this shoot on one of my last days in NYC. 


As you all know by now, Cory and I recently made the decision to leave our home in NYC to move to South Florida for a job opportunity. Full story here. As I talked about, it was a very hard decision for us to make as we were comfortable and happy in our NYC lives. But dreams over fears people. When I got this job offer, we knew we'd have to take it and I think that's part of why it was a hard decision - we knew accepting it meant we'd have to leave our home in NYC. And let's be honest, we were scared. So, dreams over fears... 

Moving to a different state, to a new job, whatever your new is is scary. Novelty/the unknown is scary. But dreams over fears. You have to put your long-term goals over your short-term fears. How do you do this?

I focus on the long-term and when I get unsettled or that fear creeps in I remember why I want that long term thing. So for example, with this move, I was sad to leave friends, a great job where I was very comfortable, my husband for a few months, our apartment, my city, but when I got sad I would just remind myself of all the reasons I was excited/happy for the new - the beach, the ocean, career advancement, a new city to explore, being close to family, starting a new chapter. 

Fear is natural. You can't let it keep you from accomplishing your dreams. Focus on why you want the scary thing and take the plunge! Start that blog you've been thinking about, start that business you aren't sure will survive, accept that big new job, go on that crazy trip, quit the job you hate, whatever it is - don't let fear hold you back. What's the worst that could happen?


how to style a crop top

Tiffany Geiger

I'm obsessed with crop tops for summer. I wish almost daily that I could wear them to work and struggle to find a top that goes with these pants/shorts/skirt as well as a crop top. So I'm sharing my obsession. I've rounded up some of my favorites below and sharing how I've styled some of my favorite crop tops. 

6-pool day.JPG

I love a crop top with just about anything. it adds a light feel to flowy pants, is perfect for the beach or pool with jean shorts or dressed up with a hat and a skirt for date night or drinks with the girls. Crop tops add a fun look to everything and are perfect for summer. Which is why I can't get enough! Plus with high waisted anything they can be super flattering. Now if only we could figure out how to pull them off in the office.. 

crop tops.jpg

making the most of summer

Tiffany Geiger

If you've been following me for any amount of time, you know how much I love summer. Can you believe it's already the middle of July and we're halfway through this sunny time of year!? Here's how I'm making the most of summer. 

one - outdoor concerts

Living in the NYC area, there's lots of live music throughout the summer. Jersey City has bands perform every Wednesday night outside on the Grove Street path station. Cory, Oliver and I have made it a recent habit to head down on Wednesdays to sit outside with a glass of wine and listen to whoever is playing this week. It's become one of my favorite nights of the week. 

outdoor music.JPG
2-evening stroll.JPG

two - happy hour. outside.

Being outside is my favorite thing about the summer. Cocktails outside, on a roof or near the river is another one of my favorite ways to spend summer evenings with friends. Sunday nights Cory and I like to walk to a nearby bar in Jersey City called Lutze. TBH their drinks aren't the greatest but the venue is so cool - it's all outside and on the Hudson River. Another great spot we recently went for my sister's birthday is the roof at the Public Hotel in the LES. It's expensive but worth going for the view, get 1 drink, check it out and head somewhere more reasonable. 

3-drink outside.jpg
4-rooftop happy hour.JPG

three - BBQ with friends

We're lucky to live in a building in Jersey City that has a large roof area with room to entertain and lots of space to grill. Have your friends over to hang outside, throw something on the grill & don't forget the s'mores! 

5-bbq with friends.JPG

four - summer reading

I love sitting at the pool or beach and flying through a good book. In the summer, I probably read nearly 1 book per week. I'll be doing a post soon on some of my favorites so far. 

five - relax in the sun

Beach day. Pool day. Grab your book, some rosé and don't forget the sunscreen and relax in the sun. 

8-beach day.JPG

six - summer vacations. 

Summer is the perfect time for weekend road trips to the beach or week-long trips to a bucket list destination. We always go to Cory's family's Lake House outside of Knoxville, TN every year. It's one of our favorite trips because the whole family goes - aunts, uncles, cousins, there's usually 15 of us - floating in the lake by day and cooking, sitting by the fire at night. 

9-girls trip.JPG

How are you spending the rest of your summer? Let me know in the comments!

making time for your spouse

Tiffany Geiger

Cory and I are lucky that we've been traveling a lot recently between our honeymoon, a last minute trip home to Florida last week and Boston this weekend that between all of that + the regular 9-5 workweek it becomes hard to find time for each other. Today I'm sharing 5 tips for how we make time even when we're trying to balance work, travel, that NYC hustle & friends. 


tip #1 - make your spouse a priority

Cory is my best friend and who I'm closest to. This makes it easy to feel like it's ok to work late, go out with friends and push him to the bottom of the list. But this is exactly why it's not. My favorite part of each day is TiffanyCory time. With our busy lives it's easy to get caught up and miss this. There is 1 weeknight each week that we make a real effort to put the phones and laptops away and spend time just us - whether making dinner, watching our favorite show ( we're currently rewatching New Girl from the beginning) or spending time on our rooftop. Having this 1 night set aside makes it easy to ensure this always happens. 

tip #2 - leave work when you can

Every field and office is different but the minute you get to that place where "ok, i can leave now" LEAVE! It's so easy to take 1 more meeting, answer 10 more emails or wrap up 1 more project but that 1 more thing can lead to a late night and exhaust you more so by the time you're home you don't want to hang out with your partner you want to go to bed. So.. leave work as soon as you get to that point of "ok, i did what i needed to today." the rest can wait until tomorrow. 

tip #3 - date night in

Cory loves to cook and it's rare that I join him in the kitchen as cooking tends to overwhelm me.  Last night however I was feeling inspired. I'd gone to the grocery store near my office (we just got a Trader Joe's near my office - cue the excitement) and picked up a few things to make for dinner (asparagus, cauliflower rice & salmon), headed home a little early and relaxed on the couch until cory got home. Knowing this was a 30 minute meal as soon as Cory walked in the door I jumped up and started cooking dinner. He was so surprised and delighted that he didn't have to think about dinner! And then we had a sporadic little date night in eating dinner together. 

tip #4 - schedule date night

Life is crazy. You're busy taking over the world. You keep a tight schedule. So put date night in that schedule. Cory and I go out for dinner about 2x/month and find that Saturdays are generally better for us after we've had some time to relax and rejuvenate after the workweek. So, like anything else - put date night on your calendar and stick to it! Plus this way you can make a reservation in advance and get into that restaurant you've been wanting to go to. 

tip #5 - turn off the technology

Sometimes Cory and I will be "spending time together" but I'll be on my laptop or on instagram and he'll be watching sports but that's not quality time together. You need to turn off the technology and just sit together and chat or plan your next trip, watch your favorite show, start a new show, plan your future, dream or whatever it is. Just put the technology away. 

summer bucket list

Tiffany Geiger

Happy Summer friends! I know the start isn't technically for a few more weeks but let's be real - summer is Memorial Day to Labor Day. As a Florida girl, I love all things summer - pool & beach days, crop tops, bikinis, sandals, good books & grilled everything. This summer I want to make the most of our time in the Northeast as I feel like there's lots of things and places that are nearby here that we haven't been yet so I've created a summer bucket list below to help make sure we can get it all in this summer!



  1. 3+ beach days with Jersey Mike's subs
  2. Read 5 books
  3. Lots of pool days
  4. Trip to Newport
  5. Trip to Nantucket
  6. Day trip to the Hamptons (I've lived in NYC for 4 years and never been!)
  7. S'mores
  8. Concert in Central Park 
  9. Row boats in Central Park 
  10. Lunch at Pig Beach in Brooklyn 
  11. Frosé girls day party on my roof
  12. End of Summer BBQ - Cory and I throw an annual end of summer party each year

What's on your summer bucket list?



Ok, I'm obsessed with this outfit. This is going to be a regular for casual weekends this summer I can already tell. 

OUTFIT: I bought these shorts to be worn as a set with this top but mixed & matched it recently for a different look. Shorts run true to size. 

SHOES: I bought these shoes last summer in army green and when I spotted them in this neutral brown I immediately knew my closet needed them. I also love sandals that strap to my feet for new york life as I feel like I can walk faster without having to hold my flip flop or slide to my foot. Just me? Maybe. These run true to size & are super comfy. They were a little uncomfortable between the toe for the first few wears but now they're great!

BAG: Ok, everyone has this bag now but I don't care. I love it, it's the perfect size for my phone, keys and $ and so cute and summery it makes any outfit!