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Ocean-bred and NYC-based fashion and lifestyle blog.

life update

Tiffany Geiger


So today... I am leaving NYC and moving to South Florida. Cory and I are originally from South Florida and I recently received a job offer that we felt like we couldn't refuse so back to Florida we go! When we moved up to New York, we'd always planned to return to Florida one day, knowing we'd want to be closer to our families. And a little over 4 years later, that day has come. 

We are so excited to be closer to family and start building roots in a place where we plan to stay long term. I accepted a position at another Advertising Agency and look forward to getting to know my new team there. We're of course sad to leave New York and see that time in our lives come to an end - we've built great careers and friendships here and have loved our time here but felt it was time to return back where it's warmer. It was a very difficult decision to make as we are giving up a part of our lives that we've grown to really love but know that we're exchanging it for another part of our lives that we're excited to build. Plus we'll always have New York. 

Sadly though Cory is not coming with me yet. We are still under lease in New York and he is already scheduled to take his Professional Engineer exam there in late-October so he is going to stay through the end of October and then move down to join Oliver & I. So until then, I will be staying at my in-laws and living life a little less settled than I might like. But we grow most when times are tough they say. Luckily however I was able to arrange with my new company that I can work remotely every other Friday so I can go back and forth between NYC frequently while Cory is still there. So lots of long weekends in NYC for a few more months but my primary location will become South Florida. 

We're excited and sad and all the emotions that come with a decision like this. We're looking forward to see what South Florida has in store for us. PS - For any Florida readers out there, we haven't lived there in almost 4 years. I'd love your recommendations for things to do and any great bars and restaurants to check out.