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Ocean-bred and NYC-based fashion and lifestyle blog.

getting back to reality after vacation

Tiffany Geiger

As you all know, Cory and I just returned from one of the best vacations to Tulum. I always have a hard time coming back from vacation because I'm not very restrictive on vacation - it's the time to fully immerse yourself in wherever you are & just enjoy the vacation. Plus, returning to reality & a schedule is just hard. Below are some tips for how I bounce back from vacation. 


1 - Order Hello Fresh or delivery groceries

We're lucky to live in the NYC area where everything is available via delivery. Coming home to an empty fridge always makes good choices hard so we've learned to order either Hello Fresh or something similar or groceries to be delivered the first day we're back so we have a fully stocked fridge so we can make good decisions once we're back like cooking and eating vegetables. 


2 - Schedule my workouts

I prefer working out in the morning because then social temptations don't interfere. I'm generally exhausted when we get back from vacation so I allow myself 1 day back to sleep in and then back to the gym I go! You're never really ready or rested enough but I find jumping back into your routine is easier than dragging it out and waiting until you're rested. You'll never be rested enough. 

3 - Find fun at home 

Whenever we get back from vacation I realize that we could have more fun at home by scheduling and planning activities or really exploring and immersing ourselves in different neighborhoods of NYC. For example, when we got back from Spain last I made lists of day trips I wanted to do (Ie: Philadelphia) or exploring Chinatown etc and I found that really helped make home seem more fun. It's easy to get in the habit of staying home for the most part on the weekends especially once you're married and being exhausted at the end of the week. And don't get me wrong, I love a weekend in but it's so great to have plans to look forward to too. 

How do you get back to reality after a vacation?