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making time for your spouse


Ocean-bred and NYC-based fashion and lifestyle blog.

making time for your spouse

Tiffany Geiger

Cory and I are lucky that we've been traveling a lot recently between our honeymoon, a last minute trip home to Florida last week and Boston this weekend that between all of that + the regular 9-5 workweek it becomes hard to find time for each other. Today I'm sharing 5 tips for how we make time even when we're trying to balance work, travel, that NYC hustle & friends. 


tip #1 - make your spouse a priority

Cory is my best friend and who I'm closest to. This makes it easy to feel like it's ok to work late, go out with friends and push him to the bottom of the list. But this is exactly why it's not. My favorite part of each day is TiffanyCory time. With our busy lives it's easy to get caught up and miss this. There is 1 weeknight each week that we make a real effort to put the phones and laptops away and spend time just us - whether making dinner, watching our favorite show ( we're currently rewatching New Girl from the beginning) or spending time on our rooftop. Having this 1 night set aside makes it easy to ensure this always happens. 

tip #2 - leave work when you can

Every field and office is different but the minute you get to that place where "ok, i can leave now" LEAVE! It's so easy to take 1 more meeting, answer 10 more emails or wrap up 1 more project but that 1 more thing can lead to a late night and exhaust you more so by the time you're home you don't want to hang out with your partner you want to go to bed. So.. leave work as soon as you get to that point of "ok, i did what i needed to today." the rest can wait until tomorrow. 

tip #3 - date night in

Cory loves to cook and it's rare that I join him in the kitchen as cooking tends to overwhelm me.  Last night however I was feeling inspired. I'd gone to the grocery store near my office (we just got a Trader Joe's near my office - cue the excitement) and picked up a few things to make for dinner (asparagus, cauliflower rice & salmon), headed home a little early and relaxed on the couch until cory got home. Knowing this was a 30 minute meal as soon as Cory walked in the door I jumped up and started cooking dinner. He was so surprised and delighted that he didn't have to think about dinner! And then we had a sporadic little date night in eating dinner together. 

tip #4 - schedule date night

Life is crazy. You're busy taking over the world. You keep a tight schedule. So put date night in that schedule. Cory and I go out for dinner about 2x/month and find that Saturdays are generally better for us after we've had some time to relax and rejuvenate after the workweek. So, like anything else - put date night on your calendar and stick to it! Plus this way you can make a reservation in advance and get into that restaurant you've been wanting to go to. 

tip #5 - turn off the technology

Sometimes Cory and I will be "spending time together" but I'll be on my laptop or on instagram and he'll be watching sports but that's not quality time together. You need to turn off the technology and just sit together and chat or plan your next trip, watch your favorite show, start a new show, plan your future, dream or whatever it is. Just put the technology away.