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Hello Fresh

Tiffany Geiger

My mom sent Cory and I a free box of Hello Fresh and we finally ordered it so dinner was planned and the groceries were ready to go when we got back from Mexico. 

Price: Roughly $10/meal with some meals costing closer to $15 for the premium meals (i.e.: steak).  Since this box was free, we splurged on the premium meal and got the ribeye steak but $15/meal is so close to take out prices I'm not sure we'd do this if it wasn't free. 

Hello Fresh has 3 plans to choose from. The Classic, Veggie, and Family Plan. You can learn more about each plan here. We got the Classic plan which includes 3 meals for 2 people at ~$60.  

The ordering process was very easy to select your plan, schedule your delivery date and select your meals. They also have an online chat team readily available if you have any questions. 

Now, I don't cook. I find it overwhelming to plan and get overwhelmed and flustered during the cooking because I struggle to figure out what step to do first. Especially because Cory is a whiz in the kitchen, he confidently opens the fridge and comes up with the craziest most delicious meals. 

hf collage.jpg

Cue Hello Fresh. Cory expected he'd be the one to cook these per usual but I insisted I do it by myself! It is so great the way EVERYTHING is included with the corresponding recipe that tells you step by step and in order of what to cook to get everything ready and hot at around the same time. It's so easy to understand and I felt so good in the kitchen. It was actually fun! 


On top of not cooking frequently, I'd never cooked a steak before so this was double the fun and it was so easy and turned out delicious! 

Takeaway: All in all, $10/meal is a great deal and if I didn't live with Cory I'd definitely sign up and do the classic plan for myself as it made cooking easy and fun and the result was delicious. However, because I live with Cory who loves to shop and is comfortable in the kitchen, $10 per meal is more than we spend at the grocery store so we won't participate on a regular basis. However, when we go on long trips like our Mexico trip we would likely order another box for when we got back as it was nice to know dinner was taken care of for the week and we didn't have to rush to the grocery store or figure out our meals. I'd definitely recommend it if you're one who usually orders take out or like me is overwhelmed by meal planning and cooking. Hello Fresh makes it super easy (even fun) & the meal was delicious! 


I'm interested in trying a few more meal services with plans to try Blue Apron next. Have you tried Hello Fresh? What do you think? Is there a service you like better? LMK in the comments!