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Lisbon Travel Guide

Tiffany Geiger

We spent 4 days in Lisbon and completely fell in love with the city. I can't wait to go back and am dying to see more of Portugal. 

lisbon travel guide.png

Getting There:

  • Plane - Depending where you're coming from, a plane is the easiest. If you're within Europe RyanAir and EasyJet has cheap flights. If you're coming from the US, I'd suggest Tap Portugal as you can actually do a free stop over in Lisbon for up to 5 days. 
  • Train - The trains in Europe are all very nice. Book in advance and arrive early though as the doors close 5 minutes before departure. 

Getting Around:

  • Walk - Everything is pretty close to each other so everything is pretty walkable. Just be ready to climb some hills. 
  • Subway - If you don't want to walk or climb another hill, the subway is a great option. It's a small line and definitely my suggestion to get to or from the airport. 

Where to Stay:

  • Baixa - Right in the middle of everything & beautiful! 

WHERE WE STAYED: Short Stay Apartments Baixa

The hotel we stayed at was so fun! Each room had their own funky theme and a small kitchen. It also has the cutest rooftop with the most amazing view. And it's connected to the Navegadoors Restaurant and bar. The bar has live music every night and the best Caipirinha I've ever had. It was also really convenient to grab a drink and take it upstairs with you while getting dressed.

[Photos c/o Lisbon Short Stay]

Where to Eat & Drink:

  • Time Out Market - an upscale food court with food stands by some of the best chefs in Lisbon. It has something for everyone - seafood, chicken, thai food, pizza and of course wine and cocktails! Cory and I stopped for a snack and a glass of wine and it was so fun to see all the different food people ordered. 
  •  A Taberna Da Rua Das Flores - A small local Portuguese restaurant whose menu changes daily and is written on a chalkboard. Go expecting a wait. We had clams in a sauce so good I ate it with a spoon afterwards, a white fish cooked medium rare and a plate of mixed vegetables. It was all to die for. The staff was lovely and everyone spoke English. They served us Ginja (a sweet Portuguese liqueur) while we waited, recommended a Portuguese red wine to complement our dinner and brought us each a glass of port with our dessert. Dessert was the best chocolate cake I've ever had. Calling it chocolate cake isn't even fair because it was so much better than what you think of when I say chocolate cake. Ok, I'm done trying to describe this. Just go. 
  • Liquid - A smoothie shop near our hotel. The smoothies were so fresh they made the juice that went into the blender to order. 
  • As Bifanas Do Afonso - It was the only Bifana I had in Lisbon but it had to be the best. It might've been the best sandwich I've ever had. Add this to your must eat in Lisbon list.
  • Cod à Lagareiro - A Portuguese way of preparing Cod with olive oil, it's delicious and worth trying.
  • Frangasqueira Nacional - The best piri piri chicken ever. It's a little bit of a hike (I mean literal - like uphill type hike) from the Baixa and surrounding areas but it's through another cute area of Lisbon so it's worth the adventure. The guy was cooking so many chickens at a time and it's so moist and the sauce is so perfect. Just get it. 
  • Park - A bar on top of a parking garage. Def go to this bar at sunset if you can but arrive early as it fills up. The views are incredible & the drinks are great too!
  • Manteigaria - Pasteis de Nata for breakfast or a sweet snack. A must do. 
  • O Prego da Peixaria - Pregos are a sandwich they're known for in Lisbon. It's a steak sandwich that's delicious. I 'm not much of a steak person and it was better than I expected.
  • Ginja - Try it. It's delicious! 
  • Caldeirada de Peixe - A traditional Portuguese fish stew. It's delicious! Make sure you ask for extra bread to sop up all the broth. 

Time Out Market

Chocolate Cake at Taberna da Rua das Flores


Smoothies at Liquid

Bifana at As Bifanas Do Afonso

Cod à Lagareiro

Chicken at Frangasqueira Nacional

Chicken at Frangasqueira Nacional

Soft shell crab bao at taberna da rua das flores

Soft shell crab bao at taberna da rua das flores


What to do:

  • Sao Jorge Castle - The view from here is stunning! And in typical European fashion (which is my favorite part) they were serving wine and had a small little cafe/restaurant where you could sit outside and enjoy the weather and the view. Cory and I sat for 30 minutes or so to just enjoy the view and do some people watching.
  • Cais das Colunas - This is where people used to arrive into Lisbon by boat and now a beautiful place to sit and watch the world pass. Cory and I sat and enjoyed the view of the Tagus River and a man there playing guitar before continuing to walk along the river. 
  • Sintra - A beautiful town outside of Lisbon on the coast where the Royals used to summer. It's full of castles and a great day trip from Lisbon. While there we visited the top two castles - Pena Palace and Castle of the Moors. You can take the train up but be sure to check the train schedule before you go (which we forgot to do which is how we ended up taking an uber). 
  • Restaurant/bar hop - We'd come to love hopping around different restaurants and bars while in Spain so we wanted to do the same here in Lisbon to get to check out a bunch of different places. We hit 3 different places but unfortunately I don't know what any of them were called. NBD though they weren't incredible must do's.

Pena Palace is beautiful. With a quick walk around the grounds and through the palace, we walked down the hill to the Moors Castle, a much older castle with some of the best views of Lisbon. Here I plotted how I could become queen, stay in Portugal forever and move into the Pena Palace. 

IMG_3181 3.JPG
IMG_3190 2.jpg
View from Park at sunset.

View from Park at sunset.

These are the boys. Pretty sure this is the moment they started a boy band.

These are the boys. Pretty sure this is the moment they started a boy band.


Lisbon was incredible and we will definitely go back. It is one of my favorite cities now - so clean and beautiful!