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Ocean-bred and NYC-based fashion and lifestyle blog.

Wedding Day Recap: Getting Ready

Tiffany Geiger

Everyone says it and it's true - our wedding was the best day of my life. It's such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by all your favorite people there to celebrate you and your spouse. I can't put it into words but it's truly magical. I was going to do one big post on the day but it's SO much, I decided to drag it out a little more. So today we're talking getting ready day of.. 

1-2 collage.jpg

ROMPER: Lovers & Friends | ROBE: In Bloom | BRA: Free People


SUIT JACKET: JCrew | SUIT PANTS: JCrew | SHIRT: Custom by Proper Cloth | SANDALS: Rainbows


GIRLS ROMPERS: Custom by LJC Designs


TOP: Needle & Thread | SKIRT: Needle & Thread | SHOES: Elina Linardaki | BRACELETS: David Yurman, David Yurman, old Tiffany & Co, something borrowed & blue (my mom's bracelet) & something old (Cory's grandmother's bracelet)


Photography: Finding Light Photography


Getting ready is so fun! TBH I started the day hung over and my sister (and MOH) had to come up to my room to drag me out of bed. Cory had already left that morning to head home to meet the boys to watch the Arsenal game and I was getting every last ounce of sleep possible. Yes, Cory and I chose to stay together the night before our wedding. We already live together and I sleep better and am just more comfortable when he's there. We got to kiss good morning and part ways shortly after. 

Then down to the bridal suite. All festivities were on property at Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Resort. It was so great because we slept there the night before, got ready there all day, the wedding ceremony & reception were there and then we headed upstairs to bed after. It was so fun and convenient having everything in one place. BRIDE TIP: Having everything in one location made it so much easier for our photographer and videographer to catch as much as possible and not waste time commuting between locations. The day was SO MUCH FUN! Hanging out with my best friends all day, getting our hair and makeup done and sipping champagne. It was such a happy, exciting day for everyone! 

I did a first look with my mom on wedding day so my sister helped me get dressed. The videographer and photographer were there as we got ready to ceremoniously zip up the back of my skirt. And then the zipper wouldn't work. My sister had a silent meltdown doing her best not to alarm me (and she didn't!) as she tried over and over again before finally admitting defeat. Then we called in back up. My friend Nikki (aka The Layered Appeal) came in as I knew she'd just gotten married herself so was experienced with these finicky zippers and would stay calm. It zipped then opened and then by some wedding miracle we got me zipped in. Once successful, my adorable sister cried hysterically - she was so nervous we weren't going to be able to get me zipped in. But it made for some adorable pictures! Plus wedding snafus make for great memories (well, at least when they end up ok in the end). 

Next week will be the big wedding finale! I'll discuss ceremony & reception and share my wedding video!