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Ocean-bred and NYC-based fashion and lifestyle blog.


Tiffany Geiger


Coat: Jcrew Cocoon Coat

Jeans: Free People

Sweater: Madewell

Bag: Louis Vuitton Never Full

Shoes: Converse Shoreline


So before I tell you this story, you should know Cory and I started dating when we were 12. Then all through high school and freshman year of college and then decided to try life apart and stayed best friends until 4 years ago. Now we live together in NYC. So back to that engagement story I promised.. 

We were going to meet our friends down the Jersey Shore to spend the weekend celebrating Carly's birthday. We packed, loaded the car, stopped at the liquor store and were en route. I DJ-ed the drive, playing primarily love songs we like (think: Ed Sheeran, James Arthur) the whole way singing along and enjoying the drive - I've come to LOVE car time now as a regular subway passenger. We get to Sandy Hook and Cory calls Dylan to see where they are and we head to the lighthouse to meet them. They're on a tour of the grounds so Cory suggests a tour of the lighthouse while we wait for them. I should note it was 8 degrees outside! We head up to the top of the lighthouse, just the two of us and another couple. We get to the top and are enjoying the view of the beach when Cory hands me a scrapbook we made in high school full of our notes to each other and old pictures. He had added new notes and new pictures from our current life. I'm crying as I read through the pages of our life and then the other couple and the tour guide start heading back down. I panic, close the book and shove it at Cory as I get in line to go back down too. Like hello, we're clearly in the middle of something here! Then the other couple comes back up and now I'm just confused. Cory hands the book back to me to finish reading. I haphazardly flip through it (now distracted) before Cory gets down on one knee with the biggest smile, says a lot of words - that we both imagine were very nice as neither of us remember - and asks me to spend the rest of forever with him. 

Come to find out the other couple were actually our photographers! The tour guide (though he knew Cory was planning to propose) thought he was giving us privacy hence causing the brief snafu. We had a photoshoot to capture the day (outside in the 8 degree weather - some things Cory can't control unfortunately). I'm so grateful that Cory not only pulled off the perfect proposal but had it all captured in photos we will enjoy forever!

We spent the rest of the weekend at a beautiful resort on the beach enjoying champagne, the best oysters we've ever had and dinner complete with a live band who announced our engagement and played our song while we danced. Sunday morning we enjoyed massages with a morning at the spa and time by the fire before reluctantly heading back to reality that afternoon. Cory did such a great job planning the perfect weekend of romance just the two of us, I wish we could relive it every weekend. Seriously, I ask him every Saturday if he will propose again. 


Photo Credit: Life in Pixels Photography