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Ocean-bred and NYC-based fashion and lifestyle blog.

dreams over fears

Tiffany Geiger

Sometimes I get really excited to share photos with you guys and this is definitely one of those sets! Sometimes I'm really feeling shooting and other times I'm not. Well I was really feeling it for this shoot on one of my last days in NYC. 


As you all know by now, Cory and I recently made the decision to leave our home in NYC to move to South Florida for a job opportunity. Full story here. As I talked about, it was a very hard decision for us to make as we were comfortable and happy in our NYC lives. But dreams over fears people. When I got this job offer, we knew we'd have to take it and I think that's part of why it was a hard decision - we knew accepting it meant we'd have to leave our home in NYC. And let's be honest, we were scared. So, dreams over fears... 

Moving to a different state, to a new job, whatever your new is is scary. Novelty/the unknown is scary. But dreams over fears. You have to put your long-term goals over your short-term fears. How do you do this?

I focus on the long-term and when I get unsettled or that fear creeps in I remember why I want that long term thing. So for example, with this move, I was sad to leave friends, a great job where I was very comfortable, my husband for a few months, our apartment, my city, but when I got sad I would just remind myself of all the reasons I was excited/happy for the new - the beach, the ocean, career advancement, a new city to explore, being close to family, starting a new chapter. 

Fear is natural. You can't let it keep you from accomplishing your dreams. Focus on why you want the scary thing and take the plunge! Start that blog you've been thinking about, start that business you aren't sure will survive, accept that big new job, go on that crazy trip, quit the job you hate, whatever it is - don't let fear hold you back. What's the worst that could happen?


NYC Bucket List

Tiffany Geiger

Once we decided we were moving to Florida, I had 3 weeks left in NYC and so much I wanted to do! When you live somewhere you always feel like yeah but I could do that later and then you run out of time. I quickly snapped into gear and put together a NYC bucketlist for things I wanted to do before I was no longer a resident. Below, I've rounded up what I think are the NYC must-do's from downtown to uptown.


1 - Highline: The Highline is an above ground park along the Hudson River. Grab a friend and wander. I prefer to start at Chelsea Market with a taco from Los Tacos No 1 and walk uptown. 

2 - Row boats in Central Park: We were skeptical, thought we'd be bored quickly but we weren't. It was beautiful. It's cash only though so plan accordingly.

3 - Shakespeare in the Park: A community performance of Shakespeare held in the ampitheatre in Central Park on Saturday nights in the summer. Here for how to get tickets. You can bring in food and drinks. We packed cheese and crackers and a s'well bottle of margaritas. I suggest you do the same. Though they do have available for purchase at the theatre as well. 

4 - A drink at The Public Hotel rooftop. It's expensive and not worth more than 1 drink but the view is the best view I've ever seen of NYC. We're talking unobstructed 360degree views.

5 - Dim Sum in Chinatown. TBH I don't have a fave but it's a fun thing to do. Get a foot massage while you wait and the best cocktail you'll ever have from Apotheke

6 - MOMA: Constantly changing exhibits with some great classics - Van Gogh, Monet, etc. Best in the winter or when it's free on Friday nights. 

7 - Yankee Game: touristy but do it. You can find tickets pretty cheap. 

8 - Eat. My two staple must do restaurants when anyone asks for a suggestion are: L'Artusi, the best Italian you'll ever have. Trust me. and Uncle Boon's, it's Thai but when you think of Thai food you think of Pad Thai and overly-sweet drunken noodles. Not here. Best meal of 2018 and reasonable as far as NYC goes.


Guide to NYC: Dining

Tiffany Geiger

As you all know by now, I'm no longer an NYC-resident. So what a perfect time to finally write a dining guide to NYC. Stay tuned for my NYC bucket list coming in the next few weeks. There are 24,000 restaurants in NYC. That doesn't even make sense to me that's such a big number. I used to get so overwhelmed by the choices and panic and then never be able to actually pick a place to go - Cory refers to this as "falling down the Yelp hole." So, to save you the same stress in case you're a psycho like me. Below, are some of my absolute favorite NYC restaurants/bars.


1 - Uncle Boon's

When you think Thai food you think Pad Thai and overly-sweet drunken noodles. Think again. Uncle Boon's is authentic and better than anything else you've ever had. They don't take reservations so put your name in and grab a drink around the block. Best part is it's reasonably priced.

What to get: My fave items are the green curry (Khao Soi Kaa Kai) and the raw scallops (Plaa hoi shenn) and you have to try the ice cream dessert. 

2 - L'Artusi

Take your hubby and sit at the bar. The best italian you'll ever have. Portions are fair and perfect for 1 person. Get a few things and share. 

What to get: The mushrooms appetizer & the ricotta gnudi

3 - Gramercy Tavern

New American. Sit at the bar and have a cocktail while you wait for a table in the tavern. Or if you're celebrating and feeling fancy, make a reservation 30 days in advance to try their tasting menu.

4 - Momofuku Noodle

They have the best ramen in the city IMO. They don't take reservations so put your name in and walk around the block for a drink while you wait. They'll text you when your table is ready.

What to get: the frozen alcoholic slushie and the pork ramen.

5 - Tacombi

Ok, these are top 3 best tacos in NYC but the cutest spot for lunch. Go with the girls, grab a pitcher and get into some tacos. 

I'm always looking for new places to try, what's your all-time favorite restaurant in NYC? Let me know in the comments I'd love to check it out. 

What to get: a margarita, the corn appetizer and an al pastor taco


life update

Tiffany Geiger


So today... I am leaving NYC and moving to South Florida. Cory and I are originally from South Florida and I recently received a job offer that we felt like we couldn't refuse so back to Florida we go! When we moved up to New York, we'd always planned to return to Florida one day, knowing we'd want to be closer to our families. And a little over 4 years later, that day has come. 

We are so excited to be closer to family and start building roots in a place where we plan to stay long term. I accepted a position at another Advertising Agency and look forward to getting to know my new team there. We're of course sad to leave New York and see that time in our lives come to an end - we've built great careers and friendships here and have loved our time here but felt it was time to return back where it's warmer. It was a very difficult decision to make as we are giving up a part of our lives that we've grown to really love but know that we're exchanging it for another part of our lives that we're excited to build. Plus we'll always have New York. 

Sadly though Cory is not coming with me yet. We are still under lease in New York and he is already scheduled to take his Professional Engineer exam there in late-October so he is going to stay through the end of October and then move down to join Oliver & I. So until then, I will be staying at my in-laws and living life a little less settled than I might like. But we grow most when times are tough they say. Luckily however I was able to arrange with my new company that I can work remotely every other Friday so I can go back and forth between NYC frequently while Cory is still there. So lots of long weekends in NYC for a few more months but my primary location will become South Florida. 

We're excited and sad and all the emotions that come with a decision like this. We're looking forward to see what South Florida has in store for us. PS - For any Florida readers out there, we haven't lived there in almost 4 years. I'd love your recommendations for things to do and any great bars and restaurants to check out.


how to style a crop top

Tiffany Geiger

I'm obsessed with crop tops for summer. I wish almost daily that I could wear them to work and struggle to find a top that goes with these pants/shorts/skirt as well as a crop top. So I'm sharing my obsession. I've rounded up some of my favorites below and sharing how I've styled some of my favorite crop tops. 

6-pool day.JPG

I love a crop top with just about anything. it adds a light feel to flowy pants, is perfect for the beach or pool with jean shorts or dressed up with a hat and a skirt for date night or drinks with the girls. Crop tops add a fun look to everything and are perfect for summer. Which is why I can't get enough! Plus with high waisted anything they can be super flattering. Now if only we could figure out how to pull them off in the office.. 

crop tops.jpg